Practice Nurse Triage 

The triage system of appointments aims to provide access to a health care professional for those patients who feel that they have a reasonably urgent need. The primary aim of triage is to try to ensure the most appropriate health professional deals with these reasonably urgent cases and this is achieved through the Practice Nurse speaking with the patient via the telephone to assess the patients need and to ensure they are directed to the most appropriate health care professional in a timely manner. In theory a triage system will ensure that those patients with the most urgent need are seen. The triage system does not replace those more routine appointments that are made. 

Patients telephoning for an appointment will be asked to confirm their telephone number and told that they must be available until such times as the Practice Nurse is able to call them back. The Practice Nurse will then discuss the problems with them. In many cases it is hoped that the matter will be resolved on the telephone without the need for the patient to visit the surgery. This will save time for both the patient and the practice. 

In those instances where the patient and Practice Nurse agree that an appointment is necessary; one will be made by the Practice Nurse, normally later that day. The ‘Triage Clinic’ will run from 11.00am to 12.30pm on a daily basis.

In addition to being asked to confirm your telephone number, Receptionists may ask patients for brief details of the reasons for their request, whether they require advice or wish to be seen. This will allow the Practice Nurse to prioritise the calls so that, for example, someone reporting severe pain or a sick child will be attended to before someone with a query regarding their medication. If you would rather not discuss things with the Receptionist then you can decline to give this information, stating it is private, but you should be made aware that this will make it more difficult for the Practice Nurse to prioritise your call appropriately. 

If, when you visit or speak to a Practice Nurse/Doctor, a follow up appointment is required, then the Practice Nurse/Doctor will make the appointment on the spot. If you need to change this at a later date you are free to do so. 

Please ensure we have your up to date contact details, including telephone number. 

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